What makes 7Qi so special?’

Helping you to live a vital, free, loving and meaningful life is central to 7Qi coaching.
Based on the conviction that everyone, including you, can do this.
Wherever you read this. In whatever situation you are now”.
Your specific liefe coaching question, your current challenge, is the core theme of course.

7Qi does not pretend to be a ‘sole truth’. It is a well thought-out and practical approach to realize sustainable change. Your coaching not only consists of conversations, but also involves consciously experiencing and practicing. Various regular coaching techniques are applied. But in addition you receive instruction on additional techniques and methods based on insights from neuroscience are applied.

7Qi of Being

We start with the ‘wheel of being’. Containing all your Qi or dimensions of being. Body, mind, feelings, emotions, soul, spirit and ego (your ’truth’ or ‘illusion’ of who you are and what your world is like). These Qi are interdependent (like a YinYang). Over emphasizing one dimension will distort your true awareness about an other dimension.

All 7Qi of being do have their own needs. And all 7Qi couse different drivers and opportunities in how you behave and experience life.

The ‘key’ to love and happiness is giving attention to all 7Qi (dimensions). Being aware of them, their needs and their opportunities. Differently said: daring to accept your ‘wholeness’ and being authentic.

In this figure you can see ‘3 wheels for happiness’. 7Qi of ‘being’ (your essence), 7 dimensions producing ‘life force’ and 7 dimensions which are the base for your motivation. The ‘law of 7 Qi’ is very simple. When investing energy in ALL 7 dimensions of your 3 wheels for happiness, you will generate ‘sustainable’ energy and find love, joy and happiness.

About 7Qi of being

7Qi of Focus

Self awareness is the sound base for making choices. As soon as you are aware of your ‘7Qi of being’ (knowing who you are, knowing what you need and knowing what drives you), you can (more) consciously make choices for personal goals in life. eg. Who are you? What makes you special (we all are!)? What talents can serve you and others?

Then your ‘action triangle’ serves you in generating energy or ‘spirit’. In all your choices and actions its about ‘wanting, being able to (using capacities, learning & using competences) and doing’ (performing action). Knowing what you want, what you are able of (or are willing to learn) and taking action.

In all your being, wanting, potential, and actions you can follow the ‘path of Love’ or the ‘path of Fears. This is a YinYang too. We all have our love and fears. Denying only will increase your shadows. As with electricity it is the positive/negative connection that causes light and energy.

We live in a world full of dualities (yinyang). A world bing part of a bigger picture (of wholeness). Emerged out of inspiration and soulprinting. As soon as you reveil this mistery a spiritual insight emerges. Your ‘being’ and choices are a result of a ‘higher’ purpose. A ‘soul mission’. A reason for being. Manifesting talents and (trans)form, emerged as a manifestation of ‘universe’. Part of the total. Your (trans)formation and your contribution in the total becomes with this a ‘higher purpose’. – All is – You only can recognise what your conscience reflects. A very very old spiritual insight, recently ac’knowledged’ by quantum fysics science (if interested the movie/book ‘what the bleep do we know’ is an interesting visualisation of this quantum fysics statement).

‘Higher’ awareness is not only being aware of your identity (7Qi of being). It is being aware of all 7Qi of focus and learning & growing while making choices.

About 7Qi of focus

‘Higher awareness’ is being aware of your ‘7Qi of being’, knowing what you want, are being able to and doing, being aware about focussing on a loving or fear driven focus and about all your life goals. This image shows all the 7Qi of focus: 7Qi of being, the action triangle, the yinyang of love and fear and life goals.

Authentic leadership as a base for making choices

It all starts with self awareness. 7Qi coaching helps you developping awareness of all your 7Qi of being and after that, awareness of your 7Qi of focus. Making choices in life is not allways easy. Finding your soul fingerprint or recognizing your talents and inner beauty/wisdom and translating this in your actions is one of the missions of 7Qi coaching. Making sound choices that serve your life of love and happiness is not allways easy. 7Qi can help you giving insights for making these choices yourself. You might have a lot of ‘hero’s’ you admire. But the main hero that is you! As you are the director of your own life and happiness.

Your goals and achievements are a mirror of who you are. It all starts with taking responsibility of your own happiness. A good start could be by learning and growing in your 7Qi awareness.

Three area’s of interest with 7Qi coaching or readings:

1. Identity
Who am I? what feeds me and what drives/motivates me?
2. Identity interaction
Relationship dynamics: how do I act in my relationship or reamrole?
3. Life mission and choices
How do I identify my soul mission and what choices can I make for love, joy and happiness?

About 7Qi learning & Growing

Combining Western coaching and Eastern wisdom

7Qi is not a science nor a spiritual movement but makes use of wisdom being submitted for many centuries*. It combines insights of Western coaching/psychotherapy with Eastern insights. While Western life coaching mainly focusses on mental patterns, we are convinced that all your 7Qi attribute to your love, joy and happiness. Your rational side an your more spiritual side together are like a YinYang. Not the extremes (rational, without feeling nor hovering or vague) but aspects from both worlds bring a balance and wholeness.

7Qi are interdependent and connected. Memories can be connected to feelings. Thoughts can cause feelings and feelings can cause thougts. Or thoughts can be held by your body and cause mental or physical illnesses. We do take all these inter-dependencies serious and use all possible techniques and exercises to find release, balance and love, joy and happiness.

Combining Western and Eastern Wisdom that served generations/milions of people works! It brings many insights and is contributing many in living a loving and joyfull life. Something I personally experience in my daily life and many of the people who embraced this framework.

Feel absolutely free trying it yourself or contacting me for information, coaching sessions or an intuitive 7Qi consult!

Thank you so much for visiting this website! Wishing you love and light.