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About me

I have a university degree on psycho dynamics (Twente University Netherlands) and Interim Management (Nijenrode University Netherlands). I am certified life coach and reiki practitioner (I & II) and studied a lot of ‘wisdom literature’ (including classical texts such as Bible, Vighian Bhairav Tantra and Kabbalah in addition to modern philosophies exposed by authors such as Rudolf Steiner, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.(eg. the power of now, synchronicity’) or Jan Geurtz, Daniel Ofman (dutch, eg. Verslaafd aan liefde, kernkwadranten), Sue Johnson or Byron Katie .

After working years in medical top care hospitals and 11 years for PricewaterhouseCoopers I decided 7 years ago to become freelancer combining interim management, life coaching, photography, traveling and reiki therapy. As many others I learned that you can learn a lot at corporate organisations but that there is more in life than that. You are more then what you think or feel. And awareness of who you are brings a more clear view on what serves you in life.

I am gratefull for all my travel experience in Europe, the USA, Afrika and Asia and feel privileged for visiting all these beautiful and sometimes spiritual sites in our world. I yearly visit Bali enjoying sun, ocean, nature and culture and seeing beloved friends. Bali has many ‘faces’ but I am gratefull for (spiritual) experiences I had with balians (herbal / shamanic practicioners), mediums and experiencing the energy of beautiful nature and culture dedicated loving Balinese people. I am so gratefull for the unbelievable intense learning experiences with these Balians.

As everybody I had my ‘spiritual life events’. Like sitting in a crashing Air India plane, suffering cerebral eudemia on intensive care in Tibet and other illenesses elsewhere, experiencing the ecstatic feeling of a jungle visit or a remote holy temple visit. But also while seeing incredible beauty of a painting or a picture or enjoyment of a music performance. Or… just feeling the water touching my skin in my shower.

I am so greatfull for all these experiences as they gave great insights and made me understand there is far more on earth than ‘being at the top of the rock’. It has made me who I currently am. It helps me seeing things in different perspectives and empathize with life experiences of others.

Again, I am convinced we are more then what we think or what we feel. That life is about making own choices and living the consequences. And i am convinced that awareness helps or even is essential enjoying the richness of every day and moment.

At this moment I live in the centre of Amsterdam Netherlands. I enjoy horse riding, driving a motor cycle, sea sailing, playing golf and playing the piano. I love to cook delicious meals and travel abroad tasting wines. I love to meditate and to read (spiritual) literature, visit museums and music performances and can be found at events, restaurants and cafe’s in Amsterdam and other cities.

Thank you so much for reading this 7Chi Website. If any questions left , if you would like to make a comment or if you are interested in one of my services please do contact me


Bas Brummans


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