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Health, Happiness & fulfillment,
more then developing "me-myself-& I"

Where most life coaching, therapy or other personal development is focussed on self-awareness or consciousness, 7QI Coaching focusses on the triangle of "me-others-it", Not self awareness or even empathy is a goal, but "compassionate togetherness". Because we strongly believe this is the key to health, happiness & fulfillment in life!

The difference between empathy and compassion

We are "quite concerned with ourselves" these days. Career and Personal Growth. Working hard to pay our bills. Searching for more happiness in life. Inner journeys. Yoga and meditation. Social media is full of "self-aware teachers" and dazzling places. That's nice, but there's more to life than that.

Let me preface: life's happiness is determined not only by your relationship with yourself, but more importantly by your relationship with others. And by that I mean really experiencing contact! (literally affects your nervous system).

By the way, life happiness is not a goal but a result/consequence of your way of living.
Research confirms: Your relationship and real contact (so that is more then internet contact) with others is essential.

Unfortunately, quite a few people are quite concerned with themselves, and less concerned with others. Career moves, choice stress, own life goals, success stories, wanting beautiful things or experiences, always putting themselves first or even gaining advantages at the expense of others if necessary. Or becoming more self-aware through training, coaching or therapy. Social media does not make many people happier. Despite the Internet, we are lonelier than ever! But even people who are active in the "spiritual scene" are often very concerned with "me-myself-&I"-developing self-insights and participating in a scene.

In order to truly empathize with others and show empathy, self-awareness is obviously important. The more self-aware the better you can also empathize with others (e.g., on an emotional or physical level rather than just in thoughts and beliefs).

But did you know that actively reaching out from yourself to another is a "next step in your development?

Showing compassion!

Learning that, is just a step beyond what you learn in regular coaching. Being together and growing with others, or "conscious togetherness," brings you faster and more insights than any coaching, yoga or any retreat! A win-win! But how does that work?

Who do you know in your environment that you can support with faith (in the usefulness of a situation or confidence in improvement), hope and comfort? Understanding or a listening ear? Or even a helping hand? Immerse yourself not only in yourself but especially in another, and I assure you that your personal development will get a huge boost!

Compassion is self-awareness and life happiness booster no. 1!

That's why at 7Qi coaching, we always focus on compassionate togetherness!

And also an essential quality within relationships, friendships and even at work.

(Nb! Note! Self-aware compassion is different from deriving your self-worth from it with a "caregiver syndrome").

7QI self-awareness: basis for empathy and compassion and (!) your life's happiness

You are not what you think. You have thoughts. But neither are you what you feel. You have feelings. Who is it that has these thoughts or feelings? Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, inspiration and your body together form a system.

You are made up of 7 Forms of energy (Qi) that influence each other all the time. They can influence each other in. a positive sense, but they can also "disrupt" each other (and cause pitfall behavior or even illness). As a system they are important for a vital, loving and happy life! How that works you can read on the page "about 7Qi"

And the real master class in self-awareness only starts when you see through those 7Qi, and how they interact within you, with others, and with your lifegoals.  This is why 7Qi essentials and awareness of attachment patterns (yours and others') is so enormously important. It should be a 'mandatory exam for expectant parents'! That's why we always consider it during our 7Qi coaching process.

Are you experiencing a 7Qi imbalance?


Life goals!

"I don't really know what I want" is a common word these days. I'm just doing something ... or just choice stress. One or more "gap years" in your studies or a sabbatical.

Are you living or allowing yourself to live? How do you set your priorities? Only when you know what you want, can you give it form! Therefore, at 7Qi Coaching we consciously focus on your life goals. Not vague but concrete! Not to make some kind of rigid plan. But to serve as a compass for your life choices!

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