About 7Qi


What makes 7Qi so special? “

Helping you, to live a vital, free, loving and meaningful life is our 7Qi coaching aim.
Based on the conviction that everyone, including you, can do this.
Wherever you read this. Whatever situation you are in now “.
Your specific coaching question, your current challenge, is of course the main theme.

7Qi does not pretend to be a ‘sole truth’. It is a well thought-out and practical approach to realize sustainable change. Your coaching not only consists of conversations, but also involves consciously experiencing and practicing. Various regular coaching techniques are applied. But in addition you receive instruction on additional techniques and methods based on insights from neuroscience are applied.

“Do I have to know all this “7Qi Theory”?

No Fortunately not. Your coaching conversations are simply about topics that concern you. However, 7Qi offers extra handles because we not only discuss ‘things you think’ but also about signals from your body, feelings, emotions, ego, inspiration and inspiration.

As soon as you learn how this works, you can effortlessly release old limiting beliefs, possibly process ‘trauma’, and find the voice of your heart, soul-voice and inspiration (we call this clearing). The 7Qi process will guide you with this.

Experience shows, that many clients still want to know more about the background of 7Qi. A book is in the making. Meanwhile, you can read more background information on this page. You can also download this page for free. 7Qi is more than nice marketing statements. I do believe in content. In practicing of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

My goal is to help people who are searching for change. You can already learn a lot yourself, based on this page / whitepaper. But guidance will help you to make it your own, better and faster. Through the insights that arise during your conversations, and the exercises / instructions during your conversations, and the possibility to do online exercises at home.


7Qi assumes that you are more than what you think. That body, mind, feelings, emotions, ego, soul-voice and inspiration interact. As soon as you see through this, you can consciously deal with this. You learn with concrete exercises to approach your coaching challenge in an integrative way. 7Q is derived from the ancient chakra wisdom and translated into contemporary concepts. (see picture on the right)

Unique exercises

In addition to conversations you can experience in resultar coaching, you learn with unique exercises what you can do to clear disturbances and how to use your Qi in a optimal way. Clear limiting beliefs, for example, in practice with LB EMDR, positive affirmations, ‘feeding your demons’ or Somatic Trauma Release exercises. Recognizing body signals and learning how to deal with them. Learning techniques to be able to experience passion, inspiration and inspiration again. And how to integrate feelings and emotions positively. But also techniques for visualizing your life goals, how to make life choices and how to manifest your talents within your entrepreneurship.

7Qi Essentials

7Qi core competences

7Qi life coaching proces

7Qi life coaching process
Unique process

The 7Qi coaching process has been thought through. During our discussions about your coaching challenge, we follow a number of steps:
* You learn how to optimally use your body, emotions, ego (beliefs), feelings, understanding soul-voice and inspiration.
* Then you will learn how to deal with your current limiting beliefs, possible trauma and other disruptions (clearing).
* Then you clarify your life goals with visualization techniques.
* Finally, you will learn how to recognize pitfall behavior, and how you can monitor your progress with a personal ‘dashboard’!

You will see, that in this way, you will find guidance about your coaching challenge too!

“self” Consciousness as the starting point for a loving and happy life

Qi is life energy, and gives you concrete tools to optimally use your life energy for flow, love, success and happiness.
The “response-ability” is essential: you (and only you!) take responsibility for your happiness in life. It is the basis for living an authentic life.

We focus on 3 key areas:

1. 7Qi of being:
Know who you are, know what you need and know what drives you

2. 7Qi of attachment
Being able to respond consciously to others and events

3. 7Qi of Focus
Know what you want and what your ‘mission’ in life is, and adjust your choices accordingly. Dare to learn and grow and make the right choices for love, fun and happiness.

7Qi coaching

1: The 7Qi of ‘being’

We start with the ‘wheel of being’. This contains all Qi or dimensions of being. Body, emotions, ego, feelings, mind, soul-voice and inspiration. These Qi are interdependent (like a YinYang) (*). Emphasizing one dimension is at the expense of your consciousness of other dimensions.
All 7Qi have their own needs (or food). And all 7Qi deliver different motivations and opportunities for behavior and to experience life.

7Qi of Being
figure: 7Qi Interdependency:

Who am I, what feeds me and what drives me?

The ‘key’ for love and happiness is giving attention to all 7Qi (dimensions). You are aware of them, and use them integrated. In other words: dare to accept ‘wholeness’ and be authentic / yourself from there. And taking all your unique 7Qi into account, when making choices

Developing self-awareness starts with the question: “who am I”? During your 7Qi coaching, we also discuss questions such as: ‘who is it who perceives or accepts all these thoughts, feelings (or other Qi)?’ Do you follow your feelings or your mind? How aware are you of your moods and feelings and their influence on your thoughts and emotions? How aware are you of your body and the language your body speaks?
You learn more about the inderdependence between your mind and your other Qi (eg your body, feeling & emotions or spirit).

As soon as you start to see the mutual cohesion, you can realize sustainable change. You then see the causes of disruptions and pitfalls (eg victim behavior, addictions, etc.)

You then learn how to make choices during your life, whether it is work related or, for example, about your relationships, making “kundalini” based choices. A choice in which you can see the impact on all your 7Qi.

2: The 7Qi of attachment (attachment patterns) and / or trauma

It is becoming increasingly clear, that the way in which you were raised, or any traumatic experiences with others, has a huge influence on how ‘secure’ you are in life, and to what extent fears can play a role in relationships with others. Fears, excessive control behavior or ambivalence or withdrawal behavior may be the result.

With the 7Qi of attachment you learn how to make contact with your source again, and to integrate instead of dissociate. Fleeing is useless, complaining about your life or about others as well.

7Qi supports (traumatic) experiences with revolutionary techniques. We apply EMDR / limiting beliefs clearance, to change your limiting beliefs. In addition, we apply a trauma processing method that processes trauma feelings, stored in your body, step by step. That your trauma can be solved in an instant is a myth. However, somatic trauma treatment, in combination with trauma-processing guidance, which lasts longer, can help with trauma treatment.

7Qi of attachment

Figure: 7Qi of attachment

consciousness of 7Qi of attachment allows you to break old patterns. Not fleeing or complaining but processing is central.In six steps back to “Secure Base”, consciously taking these steps under guidance (the seventh step) and using your insights when building your new future.

Facing your trauma, self-forgiveness (not forgetting) and mourning take time but are key during this proces

3: The 7Qi of focus


Self-awareness is essential for making choices. As soon as you mastered the ‘ 7Qi of being , and the’ 7Qi of attachment ‘, you can choose life goals more consciously. What makes you unique? What talents do you use and how do you serve others with them? What is your personal ‘mission’ in life?

action triangle of wanting, ability and action

With all your choices, it’s all about ‘wanting’, ‘being able to’ and ‘doing’. (also called the action triangle). This triangle helps you generate energy. Get inspired and inspire others. You are the one manifesting your dreams. Embracing self-empowerment and responsibility!

making fear or love-based choices

You can consciously or unconsciously follow ‘the path of love’ or ‘the path of fear’. This is a YinYang. YinYang is like electricity; two poles (plus and minus) together generate energy and light. We all carry love and fears in us. But (!) we can learn to choose more consciously for loving thoughts and behavior, and be less obstructed by unnecessary fears.

manifesting talents

Discovering your own uniqueness, and being able to use your talents meaningfully and freely is essential. Through inspiration we can shape our “soul mission”. By working from dream to planning and realization.

visualize and manifest the “10F”

Finally, it is important to learn to manifest “10F”. Food & Physics, Fun & Fantasies, Fiancé, Family & Friends, Finance, Fireplace & (trans) Form. Self-aware, from dream to manifestation. Manifesting a free, joyful and meaningful life is possible for everyone.

Figure: 7Qi of focus

As soon as you consciously take the 7Qi of focus into account, integrate them while learning & growing, and manifesting your life goals, love, joy and happiness will be experienced.

7Qi van focus

Combination of Western life coaching techniques and wisdom from the East

7Qi is nor a science nor a spiritual movement, but uses wisdom that has been passed down for many centuries **. It combines insights from Western coaching / psychotherapy with Eastern insights. You can drop out in advance, or ask yourself whether all those millions of people practicing it through generations, were totally confused , or whether there is a possible advantage for you. Personally, I believe in the latter.

Just because I experience it on a daily basis. Health affects feelings, thoughts can affect your health. Emotions can ‘discharge’, and with bodyworks you can ‘release’ trauma (something that has been known for centuries in the Far East!).

* Chinese representation in which two opposite together form a whole. A more modern self-insight method based on this can be found in Daniel Ofman’s “core quadrants” theory or in Byron Katies “4 questions that change your life”.

** the working chakra system (7 chakras) is taken as a starting point for 7Qi. But also wisdom from kaballah (7 sefirot), ancient egyptian writings, bagita tantra statements, mindfulness literature by Thig Nhat Hanh, or ‘western’ translations’ from books by Eckhart Tolle (power of the NOW), Deepak Chopra (Synchronicity) Bas Becking (Authenticity) or Jan Geurtz (Addicted to Love). Techniques like the Work (Byron Katie), Feeding your Demons (Lama Trutrim Allione), Positive Affirmations (Louise Hay), EMDR, meditation, body/food detox, visualisation techniques etc. are used.