7Qi Flow Programme

Discover in the 7Qi Flow Program how to live ‘soul mission’ and passions. Experience happiness in work and love

7Qi Coaching Flow Programme

Learn how to live in 7Qi Flow

Everything starts taking responsibility for your own happiness. Happiness is your “Response ability”; correctly interpret and use your 7Qi. You will learn it in a program that you will not find anywhere else!

Of course, the -7Qi is central. During the program, you will learn to translate your unique situation into the 7Qi Flow principles. Not only by talking and thinking, but also by sharing and sharing experiences.

Get to know unique 7Qi techniques

Every Qi has its own ‘needs’ and provides opportunities. You learn to apply various techniques to continue to create and experience independent flow. We deal with meditation, nutrition, asanas, trauma release techniques, limiting beliefs subconscious mind reprogramming, the functioning of minerals, dedication and concentration techniques, proper focus, mind mapping, duality balancing, passion/talent success formulas and more. Maybe you should know a few. But precisely the 7Qi consistency offers unique possibilities that you learn during the program.

On line access to learning materials

On the (exclusively for 7Qi flow program participants and 7Qi coachees!) with a password-accessible 7Qi FLOW instruction page you will find useful summaries of sessions, instruction / demonstration films and exercise materials.

Membership 7Qi consciousness community.

Get access to the (closed fb) 7Qi conscious community!
A space where you can ask questions, share experiences with other 7Qi flow program participants,
and read tips and instructions. Lifelong. So even after the program you can keep free contact!

7Qi Flow Private or Group

As preferences differ. You can follow the 7Qi program under individual supervision or in a group (Amsterdam: up to 8 participants or online). Individually has the advantage of intensive personal guidance. The group program has the benefit of learning through mutual interaction.
The next Amsterdam group program will start in October 2017. Next online group programme November 2017. Please contact me today for more information or a free-time meeting call. (Participation in order registration).


7Qi Flow programme (private)

Intake + 7 sessions+ fb group membership

€ 500

(€605 incl. btw)

Intake + 7 sessions with a 7Qi Flow program tailored to your personal situation. Includes lesson material. Make an appointment for a free chat session.


7Qi Flow group programme

Intake + 6 sessions + fb group membership

€ 350

(€424 incl. btw)

Intake + 6 sessions with a group 7Qi Flow program. Includes tutorials. Contact to subscribe now!