7Qi Life Coaching Licence

7Qi life Coach certificate for life coaches

7Qi Coaching Licence

Program Components

For life coaches we provide 7Qi life coaching expert certification. During 6 intensive (evening) sessions (in Amsterdam or Online) we treat 4 topics in each session: self-inquiry, theory, tools and coachee guidance. You will receive summary tutorials, literature and online advice.
During 2 personal skype sessions, we will discuss your personal experiences and ask for additional advice.
You will receive a 7Qi license (certificate) and 1 year licence and access to the online 7Qi consciousness community.

Self Inquiry


Personal dualities & Self image

Attachment pattern & projection

Meditation & Soulmission, Getting Inspired

Body language, Focus & WAD triangle

Development planning


7Qi of being, 7Qi of Attachment, 7Qi of Focus

7Qi FLOW principles

Bolwby/Diane Poole Heller: attachment patterns

Advaita Vedanta, Chakra principles, Body language

Neural principles (oa. REM), Positive Affirmations (Hay)

Spirituality & Science: Love principles. Sue Johnson


7Qi dimensional exercises

The Work, Core Quadrants, YinYang, Feeding your Demons

Neurological reprogramming, PA (Hay), Somatic trauma release

Bodyworks, Trauma release

Sjamanic field. Power of P.

Building soulmission/passion business models

Coachee Guidance

No Go areas (disorders & projection)

Response – ability (change ownership coachee & relief workers syndrome avoidance)

Acceptance & Grieve

Soulcontract signs

Energy transfer principles & Energy clearance

Evaluation, Community & Goodbye


7Qi Licencing

Amsterdam or Online

€ 1495

(€1808 incl. btw)

6 sessions, 2 interviews, tutorials, 7Qi community membership. Location: Bloemgracht Amsterdam or online. Max 4 participants per group.



Getting interested? Please feel free to contact:
* Mail: info@7qicoaching.com
* Phone: +316 250 45 321

> Next group: februari 2019