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7Qi Coaching Talks
“Big audience” or a small group, learn more about 7Qi Coaching essentials whilst enjoying an inspiring lecture or workshop.

Learning & Growing

After a career in Corporate Business and a number of unlikely experiences (culling in a Boeing 747, in India, staying at intensive care with severe high altitude illness in Tibet and a few years later twice almost dead experience during heart rehearsal), I began to read classical spiritual literature, I visited shamans and gurus, and was found in yoga classes and at ‘consciousness’ meetings. Unbelievable if you had known me a couple of years before, being a succesful business consultant. Driving a big car, staying in luxuous hotel rooms and wearing fancy italian suites. A lot of money, not too much time..

A world opened up for me. A story you hear more often. But where many choose the one (a successful materialist existence) or the other (a spiritual existence) I became convinced about the wholeness of parts. Nuclear quadrants or YinYang, shadow theory or Byron Katie’s “The Work”, all are tools of survival in a world full of dualities. Integrating these dualities, seeing wholeness and daring to learn is key I learned. Not getting fused with ‘habit thinking’ and tunnel view because of limiting beliefs, but also learn to live in the moment, be inspired. Exercise. But the chakra model of the east inspired me to translate 7 core energies (Qi) we need to master, before experiencing a sustainable (!) free, joyful and meaningful life. Mind, Ego (beliefs), Body, Feelings, Emotions, Soul & Spirit (inspiration).

And I realized how important it is, to connect both worlds: the material (mind & ego) world and the spiritual world (body, feelings, spirit and soul). Through my experiences in both worlds, I decided to develop an integral coaching method: 7Qi Coaching. In the meantime, I’ve been coaching my “7Qi Practice for Coaching Amsterdam” for many years, both business and private. And I connect the world of body, emotions, ego, feelings, mind, spirit and soul.

With powerful “Get Inspired” lectures, I am passionately and enthusiastically providing an intensive introduction about the complementarity of both worlds. How the latest insights into neuroscience, meditation techniques, yoga exercises and a healthy business model can help personal growth. And how authentic leadership is nothing but your soul mission.

A trend that is obviously evident in the younger generation: an alternative search for happiness. Effortlessly successful and happy in work and love, or FLOW “A loving business model for your passion as an alternative to a” classic career. “7Qi is an important discovery and alternative, to a world of power and fear moving from crisis to crisis. But the resemblance to 7 chakras, sephirot (kabalah) or ancient Egyptian wisdom is frappant, and thus “old wisdom” in new words, so accessible and understandable in our modern times.

Now learn in one or a few lectures or workshops how it works. That’s a lot of reading books and intense life experiences at once!

7qi coaching talks by Bas Brummans

“Get Inspired” sessions

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7Qi Essentials
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FLOW: effortless succes en happiness with work and love
Soulmission and authentic leadership
Clear focus: soulfocus and ‘wanting, being able to & doing’ triangle
Managing love & fears

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